Alam Charity Curry Evenings 2015

by on September 30, 2015

In January 2015 Two charity curry nights took place at Alam International, which raised a total of £1634 for a potentionally life-saving defibrilator.

Held by Wall Heath football club, Kewford Eagles, at the Alam International, the events raised enough money to buy the equipment that could save a heart attack victim. This life saving equipment is now available, not just for Kewford Eagles but, for the local community as well.

Lynn Boleyn, charity trustee of Kewford Eagles said, “When footballer, Fabrice Muamba had his heart attack, a defibrilator was there and saved his life. It is really important that we have one because there are so many teams. It is not just the players but also the spectators, mums, dads and grandparents.”

The equipment was delivered by West Midlands Ambulance Service who also provided training to members of Kewford Eagles on how to use the defibrilator.

Kewford Eagles has around 550 children aged from six to eighteen. There are 45 teams for boys, girls and youngsters with disabilites. At the start of last season the club moved to a new home ground at Eagle Park off Swindon Road opened by former England player nad FA director of football development, Sir Trevor Brooking CBE.