Alam International – Menu


 Starters Starters
All starters served with salad
 Tandoori Dishes Tandoori Dishes
Tandoori dishes are not curries. All tandoori dishes are cooked or grilled over a charcoal fire in the “Tandoor”. These dishes are cooked in individual portions & served with salad & mint sauce. Tandoori nan or chapatti is recommended with tandoori dishes for a complete meal.
 House specialities House Specialities
These dishes are specially prepared by our chef for the patrons of Alam International. Rice is recommended with these dishes.
 Balti Balti Dishes
These dishes are extensively prepared with onions, tomatoes, capsicum and dozens of freshly ground spices and herbs, garnished with fresh coriander in a medium sauce giving a rich flavour cooked in a balti metal pot.
 Curry Curry Dishes
A wide selection for all tastes
 Traditional dishes Traditional Dishes
A variety of authentic recipes to suit all tastes
 Biryani Biryani
Special Basmati rice with chicken, lamb, prawn or vegetable in butter ghee with delicate herbs and spices. It is not a curry but it is served with a special vegetable dish to add to the taste of the dish.
Specials Specials
Special offers and set meals for two
 Vegetable dishes Vegetable Specialities
These dishes are very palatable and appropriate as an addition to a main dish
 Indian Breads Special Indian Breads
Choose from our wide selection of nan, roti, chapatti and paratha
 English dishes English Dishes
 Pilau rice Sundries